How to Kiss a Girl

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hey guys Hector Castillo papi from girl

she's calm I'm joined by the beautiful

me today to demonstrate kissing and how

to have a good kiss with a girl that

makes her excited to be spending time

with you and shows her that this isn't

your first rodeo and that you have

kissed a girl before because girls like

guys who are experienced if you're not

experienced that's why you're watching

this video so that you can kiss like you

[ __ ] 100 girls even if this is your

first ever kiyose and if it is your

first time kissing I want you to pay

attention to the basics and not worry

about getting too fancy because there's

some fancy stuff here it's not like I'm

gonna be spitting her or anything but

there is more intimate and more sexual

ways that you can kiss a girl but if

you're new to this just stick with the