Easiest Way to Kiss a Girl for the First Time

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in this video I'm gonna tell you a

really simple trick you can use that

makes a girl want to kiss you and this

is another body language trick but

instead of just reading her you're

actually gonna be doing something with

your eyes that gets her feeling like she

wants to kiss you and I'll tell you what

that is in a second but first you got to

understand what you should not do so in

a lot of my videos I talked to you guys

about how to make a girl feel

comfortable how to connect with her how

to get into a state of rapport where you

feel connected it's the same thing that

you do when you make friends only now

we're gonna add a sexual component to

that which is how you form a

relationship a friendship plus something

sexual but what a lot of people do wrong

and you may be doing this wrong too is