Cardi B Goes Undercover on Reddit, Twitter and YouTube | Actually Me | GQ

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hey what's poppin insecure cardi B I'm

going undercover on the internet and

this is actually me okay let's see what

is this about let me answer these

questions Twitter cardi B doesn't act

human she's like some alien from the

future here to show us how it's going to

be I'm actually very human like a lot of

people think that these celebrity is I

don't have feelings and everything I'm a

very emotional person

I pretty much won the same you want

yo I'm cardi B what's your

favorite song to strip to back in the

day I used to like to dance to like

house music I used to like dance like

James really loosely really sensual that

was one of the songs I used to love to

dance so the cardi B join me goes or

something they seem like a two-for-one

these days buy one get one free what the