First Date Tips: How To Kiss A Girl

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no no no the first guess topic is always

ignored in the conversations but here's

the thing most women are very judgmental

by the first kiss a bad first kiss might

ruin everything that comes out there

while a good first kiss could confirm to

her that you are the right guy and if

you kiss her well she's gonna feel even

more attracted to you now the one

mistake 9 out of 10 guys make is that

they think the first kiss is about

technique but here's the truth

the first kiss has almost nothing to do

with technique maybe like 5 to 7 percent

of the kiss is technique but the outer

93% that makes the first kiss magnetic

memorable and arousing is sexual tension

and if you know how to arouse that

tension and how to play with it most of

the time she will be the one making the

first move now let's watch a movie scene