6 Signs She Wants You to Kiss Her!

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So not too long ago, I did a video showing you signs that a girl is into you that she likes you.

Today we're going to take it a step further now things are starting to heat up

and you're sort of questioned: should I go in for the big move?

So today here are six signs that you want to look for that are going to show you that she wants you to kiss her.

Also, it's a good point to note

That just seeing one of these signs doesn't automatically mean she wants you to kiss her, so to avoid awkward

rejection and then end up blaming me,

make sure it's like a synchronization of all of these things.

The first thing is to look at her nose. If the mood is right,

And you haven't turned down chances are that her nose is going to flare out a little bit

This is a natural response inherent given that she anticipates something physical is coming

And she probably feels excited

number two is her touch

This is one of the most clearest signs that our girl is into you and the more she does it the more she's playfully tapping the more you can assume she's into you

keep in mind

I covered this in the last video women generally like to feel protected and when they feel threatened they'll close up

Maybe across her arms like this or turn away from you, but if she's opening up and playfully tapping you

This is a great sign number. Three is her lips watch out

If she's licking her lips biting her lip this kind of falls along with that

Microgrooming adjustments that I talked about in the last video

She's trying to prep up and impress you so if a woman wants to be kissed in preparation for that