How To Kiss Her At The End Of A Date (IT Makes Her Obsess Over You!)

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and that is Kristen from the social man

today I want to show you how to kiss the

woman at the end of the first date if

you do it like this

there's zero awkwardness no chance of

rejection you know they're thinking

about you non-stop this is a moment that

makes a lot of guys uncomfortable you

know do you hug her you kiss her on the


you try to get her back to your place

and most guys gonna get nervous and

fumble this or they go straight for the

kiss on the lips and this is important

she's expecting you to do either one of

those things but listen if you want to

get her thinking about you non-stop

you've got to be different you got to

make her wonder about you because if

she's wondering about you and she's

spending her time thinking about you and