Chapstick Challenge!

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hi and back with the girlfriend this one

and we are going to do the much

anticipated long-awaited testing

challenge so what what is this by the

way I don't really know what we're doing

I never know what I'm doing like ever so

basically what it is is I'm going to try

I'm going to put on a chapstick and

you're going to kiss me and try and

figure out what flavour is are you ready

for that yeah I guess though you sure

I guess though I mean yeah okay

absolutely meat

sorry it's weird I'm a vegetarian

can I kiss you yet okay okay okay slices

is like medicine I'm sorry

it tastes like medicine what's the worst

flavor of Menten great no yes it's

cherry flavored it's pixie stick chair

unless you open it Matthew

you said you pick yummy flavors that was