What To Say To A Girl At A Party (Steal These Lines!)

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How to talk to a girl at a party is what we're gonna be talking about on today's

video. And you might find yourself at parties whether you are in college,

maybe someone invited you to a party and you're in your 20's or a dinner in your

30's or whatever it may have you, you're gonna have experiences where you're

gonna be talking to a girl who might be in your extended social circle at a

party and today I'm gonna be going over kind of like the one-two punch here in

terms of what to say to a girl and things that you can actually say to her

in the beginning, the middle and the end.

Right now we're just steps away from the

slumber party Hostel. It's right on the beach so I'm just checking out the

sunset right now. Hanging out, unfortunately I got to go back to my

upload station that's far away and upload a bunch of videos but tomorrow I'm

very excited because I'm gonna be taking a little island tour going to the Kho Phi Phi

Islands and checking that out so that should be fun.

I want to give you the first tip in terms of what to do when you're at a

party. My biggest tip is this; whenever you're invited to any party I want you

to show up early. Is the party over? Party hasn't started. No one's gonna be here

for like another hour. Oh. Do not show up fashionably late, showing up fashionably

late is maybe okay if you know everyone there and everyone gets excited to see

you. But if you don't know a lot of people that are going to be at the party

and you go there early, you get a chance to introduce yourself and start meeting