How To Kiss A Girl And Not To Screw Up ( Animation )

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Yeah baby

Hi there!

I'm Alex

And today I'll give you a few tips

on how to kiss a girl for the first time and not to screw up

Well kissing is not rocket science.

There's no need to read tons of books on it or practice kissing a tomato

Yeah baby

So just follow these simple steps and you'll be good! Not as good as Ryan

Gosling kissing Rachel McAdams in the pouring rain in the notebook

But it'll be good enough for your first kiss

So tip number one

If it's your first kiss you have to make it special for her

No not ''Let's jump with a parachute off a cliff and kiss midair kind of special''

haha no

It should be moderately special

To do that you need to pick the right time and place

it all comes down to the setting

a music concert will probably be your best pick

choose the music wisely. Something romantic. Something you can slow dance to

and if you want to impress her it's better if you find out what her favorite