THIS Will Make Her Fall In Love With YOU! (5 Secrets)

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Brittany: Whether you just met, it's your first date, or you've been dating for a while,

girls want a story and they fantasize about that fairytale romance. Do what I

tell you in this video and you will be able to create those feelings of intense

love and connection very quickly. My name is Brittany Michalchuk with The

Attractive Man team, and I'm gonna reveal the five secrets to make her fall in

love with you. To make a woman fall in love with you, you must first understand

what she desires. I want you to get inside the head of a woman, because then

you will see she wants that romance, she wants to feel desired, and wants to feel

needed. Women even want to be seduced, but the problem is men come across as

too sleazy or too clingy... with no further ado, here are the five

secrets to make her fall in love with you. Make sure to watch to the very end

because the last one is my favorite. Number five is: You want to create a

story. Women want a good story of how you guys met. Think about it, these women have

grown up on Disney movies and not once did the princess meet her prince

charming on tinder or in a bar. I'm gonna let you into the mind of a woman... women

fantasize about meeting their prince charming in a romantic way like a

bookstore, passionate salsa class, or any random unexpected way like in the

daytime, when the man has to have the balls to approach her. Myself, along with

other women get approached way more in the evening, but what we really want is

to be approached during the daytime. But it rarely happens during the day, and I

wish a charming guy would come say hi. And the same is true for a date - create