How To French Kiss A Girl To Make Her Want More

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This is Tripp from Today, we're talking about french


How do you do it right? How do you initiate? And how do you make her love it

and want more?

I'm going to show you exactly that on this video. If you know how to properly

kiss a girl then she will want to kiss you more and be super turned on. And if

you don't do it correctly then you can push her away and she won't think that

you're a good lover.

Pay close attention. Now before I get into that, I have a free gift for you.

It's called "Tripp's Tension Technique" which will show you how to create sexual

tension to set you up for an amazing kiss.

This technique is explained step by step on a PDF which you can get right here on

the screen or in the description below. Now, let's get into it.

Before you kiss, it is crucial you have good breath.

Use gum, mints, anything. Just make sure your breath is impeccable because bad

breath could be the deal breaker for a girl when you kiss.

I mean come on, would it be for you? First, in order to know when to go for the kiss

you have to know when she's ready for the kiss. And in order to do that, you

have to look for these 3 signs.

Eye contact, touch, and verbal interest. Has she been looking you? Have you broken the

touch barrier with her? Has she said anything to you that might inquire