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Okay wait get over here!

You guys!


I'm Travis, this is Jack

What's up guys

Before we even start this video we want to ask you guys

To please subscribe to the channel right now

because we want you to join the TRACK fam!

Secondly what we are going to be doing today is the "How To Kiss" video

You guys have been asking us to kiss for a very long time


And so, we figured you're probably asking that not because you want see us actually kiss

but because you don't know how to kiss.

So, we feel like we've earned our PHD in kissing because we've been doing it with each other quite a bit ;)


J: All over YouTube... oops!

J: This is what I studied in school. I studied kissing in school so I think it's important that we teach everyone how to kiss.

T: So you're welcome

J: It's not that we just wanna kiss....

T: No.... J: No.