The Princess and the Frog - Kiss the Frog

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I cannot believe I'm doing this

very funny

so what now

I reckon y'all wanna kiss you think

would be nice yes I'm sorry okay I'm

sorry I I didn't mean to scare you I you

have a very strong arm princess look

okay please put the monkey down yes

please allow me to introduce myself I am

Prince Prince but I didn't wish for any

hold on if you were the Prince then then

who was that Walton would lie on a dance

floor all I know is one minute I am a

prince charming and handsome and then

the next thing I know I am tripping over

these wait I know this story the froggy

proto servants read this to me every

night you must kiss excuse me you will

enjoy I guarantee all the women enjoy

the keys of Prince Naveen come

that's new look I'm sorry I'd really