How To French Kiss ☆゚.*・。゚[My Kissing Tips]

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Hiiii sunshine..

I got super good news for you, it’s time for another kissing video.

And I will kiss a lot in this video.

Simply because..

Kissing is awesome & I believe that people really should kiss more.

So in this video I will share with you my 6 magical secrets to some really awesome french kiss.

And you see boo...

French kissing has some dope magical secrets because it can connect two lovers on a super deep


Emotionally, physically and even spiritually.

It’s kinda like making love with your lips and tongue.

And when your tongue mingles with the one of your lover then you are actually exchanging

tons of information… like real DNA information..

And your body subconsciously analyses all the information you receive about your partner.

That’s why sometimes after a first french kiss you know whether you want to take the

relationship further or not.


At least it’s always been like this for me.

I just could never really go any further with a guy if I did not like his kiss.

And then of course there is also a tons of other amazing physical benefits..

Like for us chicas french kissing can increase our sex drive … because it transfers testosterone