3 Ways To Be An Unforgettable Kisser - How To Kiss A Man

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Mark: How to kiss a guy. How to kiss a man. Three ways to make the experience unforgettable

to him and have him obsessing with you and your kisses.

Hey, it's Mark here from Make Him Yours.

Jermia: and I'm Jermia here with Mark this morning.

Now, it's not just about the kiss itself, it's about the entire experience that the

guy gets from you.

So we're going to be showing you today how you can create that experience for the guy.

Mark: Three ways to do that.

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Mark: Three secrets to kissing a guy and making the experience unforgettable.

Jermia: Uhuh so have a think about it.

Whenever you've gone on a holiday, it's not just the holiday itself. It's always so exciting

thinking about the trip that you get to go on, you know it can be months ahead and you're

still so excited and exactly the same with after holiday you come home, you get to tell

your friends, you get to relive it and all the amazing memories that you had.

And kissing is exactly the same.