Drag Queens Take The Kissing Challenge | Lip Locked | MTV

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- What'd you think Juanita?

- Horrible.

- Don't spare anyone's feelings here today,

you know what I mean?

What up my loves, it's your girl Justina Valentine

and this is "LipLocked".

The show where we get uncomfortably close.

Do you think you can pick your partner out by kiss alone?

Well, you know how we do it over here,

we have a couple waiting in the wings.

The rules are simple.

One person is going to be blindfolded

and kiss a line-up of people,

one of whom will be their partner

and the rest will be decoys.

There will be two rounds of kissing.

Can you kiss and tell?

Where is my lovely couple?

- Hey girl. - Okay.

Hey, that was like a runway walk.

- Oh you know, just added a little sashay.