How to Kiss Someone for the First Time | First Time Kiss Your Girlfriend | I Don't Know How To Kiss

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the first kiss is usually something

terrifyingly exciting a moment you both

know you want each other here's how to

kiss someone for the first time the

first kiss is a big deal now it's not a

deal breaker if it doesn't go just as

you planned but it's a good way to judge

if there's sexual chemistry between you

two or not so understanding how to kiss

someone for the first time as important

in basic knowledge it's the kiss that

makes you think do I want more of this

or not now trust me I've had some

horrible first kisses that ended up

going really well the second or third

time around so you shouldn't judge

everything just by the first kiss if

your partner is nervous are not feeling

well it changes everything but of course

I know you want to make the first kiss

as intense and emotional as possible red