How To Kiss A Guy And Not Screw It Up (Animation)

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Hi there! it's me Kate! Today's video is about how to kiss a boy and not to screw up

Like you guys suggested in the comments. Thank you so much for your

support and ideas. We appreciate it! Check a link right here if you want to

see a boyish version. And now let's have a little secret chat about kissing a guy

Just you and me girl or boy that's okay too

Whatever. Don't be worried. After this episode you're gonna be a make-out pro

Maybe. Ahh

Let's do some preparation, shall we? I don't recommend you to wear too much lipstick

After kissing both of you will look like vampires

Use a lipbalm so that your lips are soft and not chapped

Keep your breath fresh your teeth clean and for God's sake never kiss with gum

once I was kissing a boy and suddenly something small slick and indescribable

got into my mouth and stuck on my braces I felt like throwing up

okay a lot of guys love long and thick hair but sometimes it can get in the way don't let it

what about setting and timing a perfect kiss needs to have some privacy

romance and comfort. You don't want to do it in front of a little sibling parents

or a whole class, do you? So find some secluded and comfortable location

kissing under mistletoe or on a cliff is hella romantic but you know freezing to

death or falling is not

when shall you make out? Whenever you're ready girl. There is no strict rule like a second date or after a wedding

It's time

Only you two know the perfect timing. But how to show that you are ready and willing

Hugs, smiles, slow dances, scandals, Billy Eilish sadly singing and nothing

Your guy will not always catch the drift. sometimes they are initiative and make a move

sometimes not. Your partner can be inexperienced shy and awkward even if he is brawling

Oh my! Boys are always brawling about their love life

Do you really want to sit next to me? Like adults?

Let's guide them a bit, shall we? Remember, you can't kiss you if you don't stop talking

So even if you are nervous let the silent an intimate moment happen

Find an excuse to sit or stand close to him as you do this make eye contact

I mean flirtatious and gentle. Don't gaze at him without blinking.

You were not a detective he's not a perp it's a date not an interrogation. At least I hope so

Check his reaction if he doesn't pull away you're probably cleared to go ahead

Make it extra obvious. Smile slowly and close your eyes

that should be a huge signal that you want to be kissed

Are you asleep?? Wake up this is the best episode!

Still nothing??

Your deed is not a bright one, huh. Don't worry sister you can be active.

Down with the stereotypes. Say "I would like to kiss you" or "kiss me"

kiss me

What?? I thought we were bros

Let the kissing begin

Slowly approaches lips. No rushing! Easy girl. Your lips touched.. OMG what to do next??

Keep calm. There are some kissing techniques and I'm going to share with you.

You can do any of them in any order. Don't be afraid to try and explore its

deadly important sis. Never do something you don't like and pay

attention to his reaction. You should be doing 50% of the work and for God's sake

keep your eyes closed while you're making out

Here we go! Plant your kisses all over his mouth.

The corners his top lip and bottom lip. Take his lower lip between yours and massage

it for a seconds. Then in caress the upper lip the same way

Then you can slightly open your mouth. Slightly! You want to eat him or french him.

Caress is lips with the tip of your tongue

Tilt your head to the side of it. This prevents your noses from bumping

Move your tongue into his mouth. Welcome to his inner sanctum.

Do not invade it like Conan the Barbarian work with the tip of the brush, you know

Keep the balance do not overuse your tongue but don't let just rest limply inside his mouth

Fondle the tip of his tongue for two to three seconds and pull back drool

happens when you don't pull back

Use her hands to make this smooch session better. You can caress his cheeks

or his hair rest your hands on his shoulders - very feminine.

Do not squeeze them or grab like a monkey climbing on a tree

if you stop the kiss when it did not get boring. You got your fish on the hook. Leave your boy wanting more

Pull back look into his eyes and smile

You did it! High-five! That's all for today girls! Tell me about your first kiss in the comments!

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Love you all!