How to Kiss with Loumăţc Tongue | Kissing Tips

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the key to giving a good kiss with a lot

of tongue ironically is to be very

sparing with how you use your tongue

I have said this so many times please

listen and please obey me at no point

during your makeout session should your

tongue touch your partner's lips before

your lips do so this is what should not

happen how horrible was that he let me

do it again okay ah oh that was the

worst ever I've never experienced

something more cement oh I have hm

I'm really happy you should never you

the tongue comes after the tongue is

maybe the main course but you have to

build up to it with appetizers the

appetizers are the lips so you want to

kiss kiss kiss with the lips then pop

the tongue

so once the tongue is like in the

scenario see you want to make you do