How To Kiss A Guy And Not Screw It Up (Animation)

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Hi there! it's me Kate! Today's video is about how to kiss a boy and not to screw up

Like you guys suggested in the comments. Thank you so much for your

support and ideas. We appreciate it! Check a link right here if you want to

see a boyish version. And now let's have a little secret chat about kissing a guy

Just you and me girl or boy that's okay too

Whatever. Don't be worried. After this episode you're gonna be a make-out pro

Maybe. Ahh

Let's do some preparation, shall we? I don't recommend you to wear too much lipstick

After kissing both of you will look like vampires

Use a lipbalm so that your lips are soft and not chapped

Keep your breath fresh your teeth clean and for God's sake never kiss with gum

once I was kissing a boy and suddenly something small slick and indescribable

got into my mouth and stuck on my braces I felt like throwing up

okay a lot of guys love long and thick hair but sometimes it can get in the way don't let it

what about setting and timing a perfect kiss needs to have some privacy

romance and comfort. You don't want to do it in front of a little sibling parents

or a whole class, do you? So find some secluded and comfortable location

kissing under mistletoe or on a cliff is hella romantic but you know freezing to

death or falling is not

when shall you make out? Whenever you're ready girl. There is no strict rule like a second date or after a wedding

It's time