How to Kiss Someone for the First Time | First Time Kiss Your Girlfriend | I Don't Know How To Kiss

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the first kiss is usually something

terrifyingly exciting a moment you both

know you want each other here's how to

kiss someone for the first time the

first kiss is a big deal now it's not a

deal breaker if it doesn't go just as

you planned but it's a good way to judge

if there's sexual chemistry between you

two or not so understanding how to kiss

someone for the first time as important

in basic knowledge it's the kiss that

makes you think do I want more of this

or not now trust me I've had some

horrible first kisses that ended up

going really well the second or third

time around so you shouldn't judge

everything just by the first kiss if

your partner is nervous are not feeling

well it changes everything but of course

I know you want to make the first kiss

as intense and emotional as possible red

22 tips to make it the perfect first

kiss how to kiss someone for the first

time no matter what I tell you in this

feature the first kiss is always

terrifying yes you should follow these

tips but if you sweat from anxiety it

won't matter what I say because you

probably won't do it

so don't put so much pressure on your

first kiss instead think of it like a

hug it's the first time you're hugging

them I know it sounds lame but it's not

it helps you to calm down for the big

kiss you just need to go with the flow 1

pay attention to hygiene now sometimes

you don't know the first kiss is going

to happen if you have an idea that it

may happen pay attention to what's going

on in your mouth take a couple of

minutes to brush your teeth pop a couple

breath mints and avoid eating smelly

foods such as onions or garlic but if

you don't prepare don't worry

in those cases they probably didn't

either - don't force it I know you want

to kiss this person but relax your first

kiss shouldn't be something forced

something that you planned meticulously

your first kiss should come in a moment

where you both want it the moment when

you both know it's the right time if you

feel like it's something you need to do

I get it but you don't need to push it 3

be flirty

before the kiss give signals to show the

other person you want to kiss them they

kiss you this means to be flirty they

can't read your mind and see what you

really want so guide them to the answer

touch them playfully when you talk hug

them be physically close to them if they

respond positively it shows their

interest for actually look at how they

interact with you sometimes we get so

caught up in our own feelings that we

completely ignore the other person's so

how do you know if they want to kiss you

if you're not paying attention to their

body language and reactions if they

avoid eye contact with you and stay away

from any physical contact it doesn't

sound like interest 5 make eye contact

eye contact is extremely important when

it comes to the first kiss there's

always that moment before the kiss when

it goes silent that's usually when you

look into each other's eyes and give

each other a silent confirmation that

you want to kiss if they avoid eye

contact that's usually a good sign that

they're not interested 6 ask them when

it comes to knowing how to kiss someone

for the first time many people think

asking to kiss someone is a great way to

kill the buzz however that's wrong if

someone is really into you and you ask

them for a kiss they think it's super

sweet and respectful plus if you're not

100 percent sure that they're into you

this clears the air and gives you an

answer 7 move closer to them if you want

to go in for a kiss move in closer to

them make sure you stand close to them

so you don't lunge into them for a kiss

you want your face to slowly move into

theirs that way they have time to either

move forward or to pull back 8 tilt your

head slightly when you move your face

close to theirs

you'll want to ever so slightly tilt

your head to the side by doing this you

avoid knocking your nose into there's

not the best way to start your first

kiss let's stay away from the emergency

room though if you do happen to knock

noses just laugh it off it's cute 9 part

your lips when your head is tilted and

you move in part your lips slightly

almost as if breathing through your

mouth with your lips

aim for one of their lips usually the

bottom one and press your lips against

there's ten nose breathing unless you

have a stuffy nose breathe through your

nose taking huge gasps of air while

kissing isn't the sexiest move but if

you can't breathe through your nose

don't worry about it just breathe

through your mouth softly when you start

to feel breathless 11 use your hands

when you kiss feel free to use your

hands run it through their hand caress

their face or hold on to their arms back

or waist when you use your hands you add

more sensuality to the kiss which makes

the other person relaxed and aroused 12

enjoy it

the first kiss is always the most

exciting I mean

you kiss this person for the first time

so don't overthink it in the end it

comes naturally to you

you'll learn what you like and don't

like to do while kissing in addition the

first kiss also shows you if you're

interested in something more or not with

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