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hey guys so obviously by this title you

clicked on you want to know how to have

your first kiss and today we're gonna

show you okay to start off you want to

make sure that you're really comfortable

with the person you love them and you

just don't want to kiss somebody for

your first kiss and it'd be meaningless

you want it to be meaningful and you

want to have some type of purpose so

that's the first thing you want to be

comfortable and you want to love the

person the next thing you want to do

before you you kiss them you want to

prepare for it so you want to make sure

you're not eating any food or you if you

are you want to make sure you wash it

all out and you don't have any food in

your mouth yeah yeah you don't want to

be food on your first kids like that's

gross and now to leave a bad first

impression on that girl for the rest of

her life or a guy or god yeah like it's

it's gross so make sure your mouth is

clean have some gum have some Listerine

strips cement something to freshen up

your breath to prepare you for that sexy

purse yes so you want to make sure that

the moods right she's not distracted by

talking to somebody else you want to

make sure that's just you and her and

then once you get in that position you

just kind of want to look her in the

eyes and kind of let her know that

you're ready and then just like move her

hair out of her face kind of like put

your hand right here and you had you'll

know and she's ready for it because

she'll look you in eyes and you'll just

get that feeling inside that you know

like it's right it's the right time and

then just give like a little brief pause

nothing too aggressive you don't want to

go full 100% of that in like head-butter

and bust teeth I don't also like to say

if you're the girl don't just like have

your hands like straight down like you

can like hold on to him like that or

like wait don't just

I mean just they be relaxed like like

have your hands are on the way sir able

to hold the person yeah yeah yeah you

make eye contact and you make sure that

she's looking at you - she has to be

looking at you or it's just like not

gonna work she's not gonna get what

you're trying to do and then the next

step is a very important step move the

hair out of her face if her hair's in

her face she'll really like that

especially if you just do this behind ok

and then after her hair's I'll move back

like that you just want to like place

your hand on her face kind of like this

perfect position you just want to do

that and then just like look at the eyes

again just a very gentle kiss nothing

too dramatic you don't want to overdo

things and this is just my advice and

tips on how to do it the right way or is

what I see is kind of doing it the right

way and I'm gonna show you how not to do

it okay so for this

Alijah you're gonna make sure that you

don't pull the hair away from my face

yeah so the hairs on her face okay we

don't make any eye contact at first very

awkward okay that's how you don't do it

you don't want to do it that way or that

that's actually like a hundred hundred

kind of situation you don't want to just

go in full blast that's way too fast

you're gonna bust something gonna break

some noses you just don't know what

you're about to do that's what you don't

want to do yeah and as you can see both

of us really stack you easily and so my

tip I think is really important if the

guy is taller than you or the girl is

you make sure you kind of go on your

tippy toes to reach them so you don't

like kiss their neck and the next tip is

to just take things very slowly you

don't have to rush things you never have

to rush things and don't do anything

that you're uncomfortable with make sure

you're fully comfortable with that

person as we said before if you really

want to make it special and make your

first kiss worthwhile what I would

recommend doing is this right here like

I said kiss her on the forehead leave

her with a little kiss on the forehead

she will love that she will absolutely

love it okay and I also have another tip

for you guys it is to moisturize your

lips and make sure that they're hydrated

because if you have all dry and crackly

lips so what I use personally is this

little tube of Vaseline I just apply it

whenever I feel like I need it and it

really does a job good obviously you

could tell the audience you can tell

everyone how it really works yeah we're

good yeah so I love that and our first

kiss is never going to be perfect you're

gonna have mess ups and that's okay

there's always a way to come back from

those mess ups yeah and say for some

reason you came in too strong okay

that's okay

take a break back up a little yeah or if

you're super comfortable with the person

they're not gonna mind they're just Nick

okay let's get back into it and get

another kiss then like there's always a

way to do the kiss over and if you're

someone like me who laughs when you're

nervous that's okay it eases the tension

and makes you feel more relaxed when

you're giving your first kiss and to me

I'm completely okay with her laughing

like I'm used to it by now and it's fine

um which kind of ties back into you

being comfortable with the person so if

they're laughing just laugh along with

it like make it cool make it fun and

that's all you really have to do is just

have fun with it it's supposed to be fun

yeah don't take it so seriously it's

kissing is fun you if you love that

person it's okay to laugh

okay so you're gonna move the hair I see

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that we have for you guys and we wish

you the best of luck on your first kiss

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