How To Kiss a Boy in School + DEMO!

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today's video is going to be how to kiss

a boy I'm aboard for Lucas anybody thank

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know who but Chester's animagic is gonna

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so notification Bell my fans a fan so

I'm gonna cut the first rule which is to

have fresh breath every time is you

actually going to brush my teeth or last

thing you want is to go and kiss someone

and they think wow your breath does not

smell yeah just a stick oh this could

work dear


this sounds so weird but like watch

kissing movies like watch movies with

kissing in them and like practice that

sounds weird a yet but I feel like when

you watch a lot of movies where other

people kiss and then you practice like

on your teddy bears or something you get

less nervous because it's like it calms

you down because you're like okay like

so many people in the world have kids

like I think my favorite isn't catching

fire or whatever

Katniss goes to kiss Peeta after she

thought you guys and they're just like

this trial of saliva coming up from oh

my gosh my favorite movie with kissing

is Angus thongs and perfect snogging

I mean smoking it through the title you

know there's gonna be kissing but I

swear that man be like I really practice

my kissing in that movie during Malory

so yeah and I feel like practicing just

helps you to like calm and be chill

there's nothing nervous about this I

mean like nothing happened I didn't die

so the next one is not to worry if you

don't have anyone to kiss because if you

just wait for the right person

great work whenever you want to kiss

someone sometimes if you just rush into

it can be kissing someone that you might

not want to get why are you to go out

there and kiss a regular and whenever

you can wait for it pester the Panda

it's better to like wait and kiss

someone that you really want to kiss but

to like be kissing a whole bunch of like

randos that you're like oh I like you

and your first kiss is very memorable so

the rest of your life people are going

to ask you about your first kiss mine

was like an attack I didn't I wasn't

quite as kiss thing she did she describe

me she she walked up to me and said it's

not that hard and oh my god wait just

stop remember yes call her no she ended

up dating my brother a couple years

later she dated your buddy younger right

literally series like this I'm a

traumatized baby bird so if you're like

really nervous and you're new to kissing

and you don't want to like have to like

actually flirt and do all that stupid

stuff to get someone to kiss you it then

one really good way is to just like play

truth or dare with your friends and get

what if you're good friends not

wonderful psycho blabbermouth one who

can keep a secret to like the dare you

guys to kiss and it's like boom like you

know let's say I had a friend in this

room for it all

they're gonna be like I dare Lucas and

Marissa to kiss and then I could be like


what a bad dare I'm hooking I'm like and

then or I 100k what do it

that's enough only YouTube video regions

do like a kissing challenge on YouTube

it's the best way it's the only way the

only real way or do like a spin the

bottle like I do and if it does land on

someone that you don't like you've got

to be like oh oh oh and land on Lucas or

whoever I dare it Lucas and Marissa it


well it was a dare dare complete

so another thing whenever you first go

in to kiss someone try to avoid using

the tongue especially if you're new to

kissing yeah because I feel like if it's

your first kiss you're so new to it that

like you don't know like what to do with

your tongue you know knowing you don't

want to get them in the washing machine

syndrome and guess I wasn't perfect not

because we're gonna demonstrate in the

first case I feel like that good first

kisses like a few seconds tops it's not

like I'm good yeah it's not a very

intense make out yeah that was like a

good first kiss according to me I feel

it when you make eye contact you guys


but just make sure your eyes are closed

whenever you are actually kissing yeah

well you can put your head to the left

or the right

most people actually go to the right two

out of three people go to the right go

to the right actually so I'm leaning

okay he goes to the right a little bit

so if you're the one kind of initiating

the kiss more than you can kind of like

steer the general direction of the kiss

but then if somebody else is like mookie

leaning towards me with leaning to the

left to the left

soon it'll just feel like you guys are

like two robots like just kidding it

really shouldn't be like that

so next whenever you kiss someone make

sure that you focus on either their top

lip or their bottom line when you're

kissing someone you don't really just go

like both lips just pressing against

each other that's weird well I also feel

like this is a good tip especially for

beginners because it's like there's less

room for error like when you have a

brittle or bottom lip to focus on it's

like you kind of have something to do if

you're super nervous and you're kind of

like worried about like awkwardness or

not knowing what to do in the moment

that I feel like this is a good tip and

once you've gotten into like the rhythm

of these things then you can start doing

like more advanced kisses you know have

you ever done spider-man kiss the upside

down one yeah do you want to spider-man

kiss me or should I swear I may kiss you

me like a little dinosaur so I just kind

of like look I'm like unless you're like

on the bench or something there's never

a reason to spider-man kids but I do

think this could be a good one like if

you're in class or something and there's

no teacher we should do another video

called types of kisses so thank you guys

for watching and comment down below have

you guys ever been kissed or like if you

have it what are you hoping your first

kiss is gonna be like and if you have

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