how to kiss a boy for your first time step by step

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make sure your breath smells good

remember to brush your teeth and tongue

before you leave your house have mints

or a pack of gum handy if you are

heading to a party where you think a

kissable guy might be there is nothing

worse than kissing someone with bad

breath so do yourself a favor and

harness that halitosis find the right

location and get him alone ask him to

hang out somewhere that will set the

stage for a kiss go for a walk go see a

movie etc if you are at a party you can

go in another room and ask him to come

ask him to go outside with you or find

some other way to get him alone partners

hide-and-seek anyone having friends

around will probably kill the mood and

will also put a lot of pressure on him

if you really want to be kissed find a

way to be alone with your guy be out