How To Kiss a Boy in School + DEMO!

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today's video is going to be how to kiss

a boy I'm aboard for Lucas anybody thank

you so much we do and make sure to give

this video a thumbs up because the first

20,000 people to give this video thumbs

up who are they gonna kiss a boy or a

girl unless you don't want to for a

mortgage in kiss a girl Rory's a cat or

dog you're gonna kiss someone I don't

know who but Chester's animagic is gonna

make it happen first one it sounds it

sums up and subscribe if you're not

already and turn on the notification

Bell to become good family

so notification Bell my fans a fan so

I'm gonna cut the first rule which is to

have fresh breath every time is you

actually going to brush my teeth or last

thing you want is to go and kiss someone

and they think wow your breath does not