20 WAYS TO KISS MY BOYFRIEND! w/ Brandon Szczupaj

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yo what is up you guys welcome back to

my channel like that because I'm tired

and smile okay all right now guys it is

freaking like 1 o'clock in the morning

so that's where we're going right now

we're so tired we're so exhausted but we

wanted to get it's for you guys yeah

better like this big woman to get a lot

of signal do before he has to go home

and we're you guys so this is it last

night unfortunately right now we are

going to be doing the 20 different ways

to kiss challenge I've never done this

video with him I googled like 20

different ways to kiss I saw a few other

youtubers that we're doing a challenge I

decided to tag along with them and if

we're gonna do xx boys to kiss so I had

never even heard of some of these ways

so we're just going to either have to

just make it up make it up or just