How to Kiss with a Beard | Eric Bandholz

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what's going on internet it is your boy

eric bandholz back again with another

awesome episode from beardbrand and

today i'm going to tell you how to kiss

with a beard now before we get into all

the details about how to go on kiss and

kissing with the beer - beer derp I want

to tell you guys a few things about

people see you'll read these guides and

you'll see these videos and you'll check

everything out that says there's one way

to do things well here's the thing

everyone is different and that means the

partner that you're going to be kissing

has different preferences in their life

so some people dig big beards some

people dig no beards some people dig

stud 'el some people love kissing some

people display affection in different

ways whether it's hugging or other

intimate contact so if you read