My First Kiss | Seventeen Firsts

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I've never kissed anybody before I've

never kissed anyone on the lips before

no I've never kissed anyone before I

haven't kissed my current boyfriend no I

had a boyfriend in seventh grade but it

wasn't that serious it was just kind of

like a two-week thing and it was like

all gossipy I always wanted to kiss her

for a long time I don't know if Bishop

will be a good kisser or not yes I've

heard of love at first sight I think if

you see someone you can really feel a

connection instantly I've never asked

him if he has kissed anybody before I

don't really know what is it gonna feel

like I have actually googled how to kiss

before her Google had a kiss I did

search up on YouTube I think in like

fourth grade how to kiss somebody I

didn't really learn that much from the

video it was definitely like don't use

tongue but like don't stick your tongue

out and dart at people people don't like

that if person kisses like with a wide

mouth and do the same thing and don't

try to go for small mouth type of kiss

my friends told me she just like close

your eyes and like be in the moment but

not really because it might be too

awkward the first time like I'd be weird

and awkward if you just kept your hands

so it may be like put your hands on her

waist or you hold her hand definitely

have chapstick that's that's number one

I'm thinking am I gonna be a bad kisser

is it gonna be awkward I'm excited and

nervous to kiss him I'm just gonna relax

and kiss him I'm very nervous but but

today is the day you know I'm gonna

finally kiss her it might be a little

awkward but I'm just gonna close my eyes

and go with it


very nervous very nervous I'm feeling

nervous I'm just like blanking out right

now very very very nervous like how

weird is it's gonna be I'd be glad it

was our first case together I think

would this would be our Valentine's Day

I think this would be yeah yeah you




it was fast

I enjoyed it yeah Michu it was good it

was good nervous still nervous yeah I

feel like we were more comfortable with

each other maybe cuz like for maybe some

people who would have been like totally

completely awkward like me just a little


I would think it was good I mean I still

love you I mean I mean I guess it

wouldn't change anything yeah

don't say feelings yeah it was what I

expected it to be like just simple

nothing so crazy about it

I just got kissed I thought it was

really good it was good I feel pretty


the experience was very nerve-wracking

but also kind of fun I am relieved it

was like more exciting than romantic

after kissing him I feel like jumpy and

happy like all on the same time I think

I was a good kisser he was a good kisser

he was decent oh yeah she is a good

kisser surprisingly just kind of weird

freaks me out a little bit uh yeah I

think I'm gonna kiss her again if he

tries to kiss me again I'll kiss back I

feel like so excited I've done it the

advice that I would give to someone who

I was in had their first kiss was don't

stress it it'll happen when it happens

you don't need to go out and search for

it you gotta find the right person for

it just don't freak out too much it's

not really a big deal it lasts for like

10 seconds and I feel like everyone

hyped it up so much but it's really just

not that big of a deal I think so is

there any person I would say just go for

it try and relax take a few deep breaths

and make sure you're doing the right

thing before you do it so I think I

definitely did the right thing the right

thing was probably kissing bishop first

it was the best way to have a first kiss