Who or what killed King Tut? - Egypt's most famous pharaoh | 60 Minutes Australia

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Early morning and you can see why the River Nile is considered Egypt's lifeblood

It's a fertile strip of cool green in a hot desert country

Half an hour's drive away and the landscape turns lunar desolate unearthly

But this is the Valley of the Kings and here the treasures are out of sight


Like always everything exciting happens underground, doesn't it?

This is a very mysterious place

Perhaps most mysterious is tomb 62 the burial chamber of Egypt's youngest pharaoh. King. Tutankhamen

The only royal tomb to be found full of priceless artifacts

And that was the most important the discovery ever happened in history

Tutankhamun lived around three and a half thousand years ago

But it was only 82 years ago that he was found by British archaeologist Howard Carter

Ever since there's been speculation of why the boy King died, so young

speculation that he was murdered for his crown

It's one of the most enduring mysteries of all time

But this year using modern science, dr

Zahi Hawass says the pharaoh secrets have finally been revealed. Do you get tired of coming to visit King Tut?

I love kickback man. You only need to descend a hundred meters to travel so far back in time

Inside this golden casket lies the mummy of Tutankhamun

We looked at his face

That was the best moment in my life when you first looked into that young place