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hi welcome to playable we've been

working on our end game play the idea of

is the power of the case here we have a

problem by Tom whisper it is ready to

move in with you will be read you could

play a longer watch before we move we

study the position it's five versus five

but you have two kings if we can get rid

of white skin here we'll have a win an

advantage now we're going to let white

on his turn jump out checker a sacrifice

in order to get rid of his cake we move

19 to 15 this will also forces white to

go to the side of your border you can go

to the center white chumps has to jump

and now we exchange do you spot the cut

the exchange you goes six to ten this

gets rid of white skinny white jumps you

jump and four versus three but because

of the power of the Kings you have win

an advantage whites only move is forced