Chess Endgame- King and Queen

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hey everyone this is kevin from the

chess website calm and I wanted to spend

a few videos talking about some common

in games that you'll see I know we have

a lot of people to watch the videos some

are very good some are just beginning so

I wanted to take a minute to go over

some of the beginner in games a lot of

people are familiar with but some may

not be so today we're going to be

talking about the king and queen in game

and a lot of times it's going to derive

from just a king and pawn and game

obviously when you promote your pawn to

a queen it becomes a king and queen in

game so want to take a look at just the

easiest way I think to always remember

how to checkmate with a king and a queen

so we'll go ahead and get into it

your key concept if you always want to

think of is you just want to always