How to Cook King Oyster Mushrooms - 3 Mind-Expanding Techniques! 🤯 | The Wicked Kitchen | S1 • E4

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oh hi guys

you caught me off guard I'm just about

to show a couple of different techniques

of how to use these amazing Arango

mushrooms also known as King oyster



as you might know I am a huge fan of

mushrooms my brother and I both are and

we have a ton of recipes in the book so

in the wicked healthy cookbook we have a

ton of different techniques and recipes

for how to use particular mushrooms in

this one right here the arrange a

mushroom is one of the most versatile

mushrooms that you can use so I'm gonna

show you quickly I'm not gonna cook a

whole bunch of stuff I'm just gonna show

you the basic technique and let your

imagination run wild so this is an

arrange a mushroom you'll see soon we'll