How to Play King of Tokyo in 3 Minutes - The Rules Girl

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I’m the Rules Girl, and this is King of Tokyo, a 30-minute king-of-the-hill game of

epic monster battles, designed by Richard Garfield for 2-6 players.

In King of Tokyo, players control monstrous creatures as they battle each other for control

of Tokyo.

The goal of the game is to win, and you win by either being the last monster standing,

or by being the first monster to earn 20 victory points, typically gained through rolling dice

and staying inside Tokyo as long as possible.

You’ll start the game outside of Tokyo, and on your turn, you’ll roll the six black

dice three times.

These dice let you do all sorts of things, such as earn victory points, attack other

monsters, heal your wounds, or gain power to spend on new abilities.

Set aside the dice you like, then reroll the rest.

Do this one more time, then resolve the effects of the dice.

If you rolled three of a kind of any number, gain that many victory points, plus one for

each extra number of that type you rolled.

For each claw you rolled, you’ll deal one damage to every monster that's not in your


So if you were already inside Tokyo, everyone outside of Tokyo is damaged, and if you’re

outside of Tokyo, you’ll damage the monsters inside.

Since everyone starts outside Tokyo, there’s currently no one to attack.

For each lightning bolt you roll, gain one energy, and for each heart you roll, heal