How to Prepare King Crab Legs

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- Hey, Chef Billy Parisi here with Heinen's Grocery Stores,

and today I'm gonna show you how easy it is

to prepare and cook king crab legs.

They're absolutely delicious.

You are gonna love this.

No matter what time of the year it is,

king crab legs are always available

at Heinen's Grocery Stores.

Sometimes they're fresh,

but they always have options in the freezer.

They range from eight ounces to one pound per leg,

which is huge.

So just so you know, we always have it.

Now, there are a few different ways, of course,

to cook king crab legs.

You can grill them, or you can boil them.

They only reason I don't necessarily do boil them is

because they can become waterlogged.

Takes a lot of the flavor out there,

and it's just kind of a mess.

But you can steam it. It's very easy to do.