KING COBRA - World’s Deadliest Venom Milking!

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(tense dramatic music) (snake hissing)

- [Coyote] Whoa, whoa, big snake.

Twice the size of the table.

(object clanks) It's grabbing onto the camera.

- [Carl] Okay, hold on one second.

- [Mara] What can I do?

- [Coyote] It's the king's show right now.

(snake hissing)

(dramatic music) (animals growling)

(snake tail rattling)

Today is the ultimate snake venom milking comparison.

The moment we have been waiting for,

comparing the king of snakes, the king cobra,

the largest elapid in the world to the largest viper

in the world, the Gaboon viper.

Both of these snakes are considered deadly,

neither of which I have ever worked with before, but today,

Carl and Mara are gonna show us exactly what

it takes to milk these snakes.

(tense foreboding music) I'm intimidated guys,

and I haven't even seen the snakes yet.