How to Use the King | Chess

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this is david from chess NYC here's the

king the king is a very simple but

important piece he moves one square in

any direction however the king because

he's the most important piece always has

to stay safe so if let's say black has a

rook here on h4 the King cannot move to

any square in line with the rook because

then he would be in danger of the rook

capturing the king this is called moving

in to check if a piece attacks the King

he's in check and has to get out of

check the king is not allowed to

voluntarily move in to check if for

instance black had a rook here and a

queen here this rook on b1 confines the

white king he cannot move out here

because he'd be under attack from the

rook and so let's say he makes one one

of his rules he could go either down one