Keybinds Guide - WoW

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I've done my best to group all of the

key binds by which of them is most

useful and by most useful I mean which

of them is easiest to hit while moving

because that's what determines how good

a key bind is your goal with key binds

is to make sure you are always able to

outmaneuver your opponent be that by

kiting effectively on hunter or

constantly getting behind your target on

a road or warrior so you can't be

parried now you accomplish this by

having key binds that allow you to have

your hands on the movement keys as much

as possible so obviously you want to put

your most important abilities on keys

that are closest to your hand now when

it comes to modifiers you should only be

using shift at first using shift as a

modifier allows you to effectively

double the amount of keybinds that you