How to use Smart Key Rekey EASY!

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well today's video I'll be showing you

how to rekey your quick sets Marcus ed

now as you can see here the bottom he

works for the bottom top works for the

top you swap them you see you can't turn

either of them so what we want to do is

we want to be able to have both blocks

to have access to one key okay before we

start you want to make sure you put each

key back in a lock that it corresponds

to make sure that you have your smart

key tool next to you while you're doing

this procedure the first thing you're

going to do is you're going to turn your

key and a 90 degree angle next you're

going to install your smart key tool

inside of the little access pin make

sure you push it all the way in and then

pull it out now you're going to pull out

your old key we're going to take the new

key that works for the bottom we're