You Hate To See It: Don't sell your car to the junkyard.

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what's going on everybody Boxster check

here so I want to go over something that

really irks me about people selling

their cars on the Internet

and it's something that is really an

annoyance because you find a car that

needs some work online and then you know

you give them a fair offer on the

vehicle they say no and then two weeks

later you see it here at the junkyard so

my buddy and I were gathering some parts

for his 5-speed swap on his legacy and a

couple weeks ago he posted a car for

sale I offered the lady about 200 bucks

for it because she was asking for and

then we come to the junkyard here and

that's what we find this was the exact

car that we tried to buy and she ended

up selling it there it is runs bad head

gaskets and the reason I I shut her a

$200 offer is because you know the car

had three hundred seventeen thousand

miles on it it wasn't supposed to be a

car that I was going to make a ton of

profit it was just something I need you

to fix and put back on the road had good

tires and nearly interior was in decent

shape I mean a little bit

we're in the interior there but worth

you know two $300

she told me no well she sold it to the

junkyard for 150 bucks so something that

really irks me when it comes to selling

cars on the Internet gotta save this car

it could have been back on the road but

instead it's here getting picked apart