How to Sell Your Car in OHIO

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I want to show my car okay do you have

the title yeah so what I need to know is

how for you can actually assign it over

it does have to we do have to know the

name and address of who you're selling

it to and the mileage of the vehicle and

then hope we can walk you through

notarizing that title over to the buyer

once it's notarized you give that title

to the buyer and they they'll be

responsible for transferring it in their


okay and so at the time that he pays me

I have to take that I can't give him the

title you know without it being

notarized okay I saw how much of this

information do I have to fill out all of

it so this will be his name and address

yeah and then the price that you sell it

for will go here yeah the mileage is

gonna go in this blocked area you'll

pray in sign and then we'll no no yep

that's gonna be your name your signature

and then we'll notarize it or a notary

will know right okay do I have to do

this in front of you if I'm notarizing

it yes okay so whoever the notary is

that all has to be filled out in front

of the notary okay that's why we would

need the buyers information if you guys

come in together yeah we we can walk you

through the notary and then transfer the

title to his name at that time that way

it's out of your name he has a title in

his name and then you're done okay yeah

whatever whatever's easiest for you but

you guys can come in together and we can

do it all in one you know one process

yes sorry thanks for