How to Junk a Car!

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hi my name is Christopher Martin and I

do mobile mechanic work and I'm just

here to talk to you about Oh - what's

the best and easiest way for you to jump

your car hey Chris how do people get in

contact with you if they have their car

repaired you can get into contact with

me my phone number is four zero four two

four five zero five two two okay you

could call me or you could text me but

the easiest way for me as a tech to get

the easiest way to get rid of my car is

I'm gonna think about the body of a car

I'm gonna say probably I could sell

parts are sell the transmission are

motor if the motor is bad if the

alternator if I just need alternator

you gotta weigh the pros and cons is it

worth fixing are you know should I just

get rid of it but the easiest way to get

you know for you to get rid of it is you

can just call it talk to somebody - you

know total car for you are what would

you do if you were willing if it was my


I could sell you know parts of it you

could sell a headlight you just said a

bumper you can set a hood you can sell

cut the catalytic converter off how

would you go about selling as though

they are recycled in places like where

you'd go and sell for example you could

get probably $13 for aluminum wheels for

aluminum wheels so for for you looking

at like 40 something dollars for the

aluminum for the wheels alone and

catalytic converter you looking like 50

to 80 dollars depends on the make and

model and it was terribly congroo that's

the the catalytic converter is like like

a filter for your for your engine for

the exhaust system it filters the gas

that goes out into the atmosphere so you

can really help purchase move yes people

say it's they say it's like Platinum's

that platinum that's inside of it so

how would I get my calorie converter off

oh my god

well the easiest way some some catalytic

converter is direct hotel directly to

the manifold you could screw it off and

unscrew it with like a you know with a


or some you just got to cut it out with

a sawzall and then so I would have to

get underneath my car yes the car up but

for most cars you have to live live it

up get under here and cut the catalytic

converter off okay and for some like a

hundred Carter so you probably could get

it from you know some of those scars

they it's bolted to the manifold so you

could get it from there you could use

like oh yes most of them is like twelve

twelve millimeter socket take the you

know you get a head exhaust off and some

of them the cat is well to that likewise

and a force and in the Camry you could

it's it's most of those cats are bolted

to the manifold but for most cars you're

gonna have to lift it up and then cut

the cat out mm-hmm so that's what he's a

way you know one of the easiest way to

get rid of your car you could make money

off it off getting rid of your car or if

you can't be bothered say somebody work

I executive job the car broke down you

just want to get into a new car so you

just call a tow truck

people buy you know so someone on the

farm they don't have time they don't

have time dinner Scott and you know

somebody someone who doesn't have tools

like you could lift the car up in the

air yeah yeah they could call if they

want to scrap the car they could um you

know cause somebody to take the car

apart but you gotta weigh the pros and

cons you're gonna pray that person to

come on take the parts off the car is it

worth it or is it just work you know

workwise go ahead jump the car you might

get a hundred dollars hundred fifty

dollars for the car because right now

the price of metal is down so you got

away you know options

all right but thanks a lot we're gonna

junk your car you heard it from a

mechanic and once again give him your

phone number in case they need the

iPhone number is four zero four two four

five zero five two two and what type of

service we provide

I provide most most of the service I

could replace your engine's transmission

I could rebuild your engine transmission

breaks everything that you need done in

a car I can do it okay thank you Chris