Why You "SHOULD ALWAYS" File DMV Release Of Liability Form Online

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hey there YouTube it's the daily driver

here on today's video I'm gonna be

showing you how to fill out a notice of

release of liability and transfer of a

vehicle that's registration form 138

okay so I'm gonna be filling this form

out online and there is a couple reasons

for that which I will explain to you

however I'm gonna show you exactly where

you need to go here on this website in

order to complete this transfer of a

vehicle so we go to vehicle registration

and we will go down to selling or

transferring a vehicle because that's

what I'm doing here

and you can see it says notice of

transfer and release of liability so

we'll go ahead and click on there and

you'll see this pops up you have to have

the license plate number and you also

need the last five digits of the vehicle

identification number which is the VIN

number you have to have that in order to

proceed online doing this here so we'll

go to start okay so you can see this

pops up the notice of transfer and

release liability this is form

registration form 138 and so you can see

right here you have to put in the

license plate number and then you're

gonna have to put in the last digits of

the VIN the last five there I'm gonna go

ahead put that in and we'll proceed to

the next portion of this okay so once we

get past that first part it's just going

to have us verify that the vehicle

information we put in is the vehicle

that we're transferring so you just go

yes if no then hit no we'll go to

continue and this portion here of reg

138 it's gonna say new owner information

the sale information other specifics as

such here however if you don't have the

exact miles just put an idea of what you

you think the miles were when you sold

the vehicle also for the new owner

information I don't have the new owners

information so that to me what you need

to do here is just go ahead and put

unknown unknown you'll just put unknown

through it if you don't have that if you

do go ahead and put that information in

get started here to the next portion of

the release of liability so I just

basically on the next page here I just

verify everything and then I'll click us

over we'll go to the next part of this

okay so if he followed me step by step

going through this process of filling

out the registration form 138 the

release a liability and transfer form

then you were completed at this time I

did want to mention some things that I

was going to tell you about at the end

of this video is that you want to make

sure to do the notice of release and

liability online and the reason for that

is because it takes up to 24 hours for

it to process as to where if you mail it

in or you go into the DMV or Triple A or

whatever and turn in that release the

liability what can happen is that they

can lose it or it can take generally up

to two weeks for it to process so

recently I went through a situation

where they actually lost my notice of

release liability and so now they're

trying to hold me accountable for

something that I don't even own anymore

so saying that I own a money but you

don't want to get yourself in that

situation and that's why I highly

suggest do this form online and you'll

save yourself a lot of trouble and a lot

of time thank you all for watching until

next time