How to junk my car?

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how you doing my name is Kelvin Stephens

gonna be speaking on reference of how to

junk a car um in reference to a car like

this this is a 2000 Nissan Maxima just

in case you got a bad what do y'all do

here oh wait we do auto collision work

um you can reach us at four four two

seven six four eight one one we're

located in Conyers Georgia um Justin

sale over scenario you have a bad engine

of transmission it might cost a lot to

fix it you can even part it out

that's your first an area that's what I

would do but uh if it doesn't part out

as fast as you wanted to the second

thing I would do was try to locate my

title and I'll try to find somebody that

would buy my junk car now I wasn't jump

in the first bid that somebody gives you

if they come at you with maybe $50 or

$100 I just tell no I'll try to scrap it


but if you can see that you can sale the

park for a little bit more than what the

car is worth let's go out at that rub um

third I went home probably try to fix it

if the parts doesn't cost too much it

might be a transmission there might be a

motor you know it might be something

simple it might be a axle some rollers

on some cheek but just don't scrap

because you have one issue that's going

on with your car oh if you got some

major back issues yes you can just get

rid of but if you have a whole lot of

issues going on with the car yeah don't

try to keep something that's gonna weigh

you down at the end of the road um what

I would do if gives my car and I had a

back edge of the transmission I called

my local junkman or somebody close by if

he offers me 250 $300 for the car I sold

Oh again you have any other things that

might be dear to it you can either just

try to check around for local price but

I'm kind of little converters around

yeah if you have Kerala converters or

aluminum rims that then you just saw

part those up

don't go ahead and sell the car with

those items on the car cuz you can get

more for those items but you need tools

what if you if you don't have tools you

try to bargain with the guy that's

buying your car just make him go up on

price cuz if he just gives you a certain

amount you tell them no so that's my

scenario today um if you have any more

questions you can contact me at four

four two seven six four eight one one

all are you going home yeah you can you

can check my gmail account you can just

look up my business and we'll have

questions on how you can joke your car

and oh y'all have a nice day