Apple Mail Misidentifying Junk Mail? 📫 WATCH THIS!

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hey folks so someone with a profile name

of Warren gh left a comment on my video

from last week which if you happen to

have missed it was all about my top 5

tricks for Apple Mail now Warren's

comment was the following and I am

slightly paraphrasing here

thank you for your videos David I always

look forward to watching them whenever I

get a notification Thank You Warren for

subscribing I'd like to request a

tutorial about how to stop Apple Mail

from miss identifying junk I've tried

various settings but it's still

incorrectly identifies stuff that I've

subscribed to great question Warren and

when I read that comment I thought it

would be a perfect topic for a short

video so if your Apple Mail program just

doesn't get you then be sure to stay

tuned because I'm gonna show you how to

fix it coming up next on Tech Talk

America hey folks and welcome to this

short and sweet class if your Mac is in

correctly identifying junk I am happy to

report that the solution is actually

very simple so here's how it works

Apple Mail is an open source application

that can be used to access pretty much

any email service out there of course

including the popular ones like Gmail

Yahoo Hotmail or you can of course use

one from your own domain name but before

a new message arrives in your Apple Mail

inbox it must first pass through your

email provider so if you've told Apple

Mail time and time again that an address

is not junk but it keeps on going there

the most likely reason why is that it is

an Apple Mail's filter that's making

that bad call but the filter that's

provided by your email service to fix

this all you need to do is sign into

your email through the web so for

example if you use Gmail you would just

open your web browser go to gmail.com

and from there navigate to your junk

mailbox find that junk message and mark

it as not spam that's it

see told you that was easy folks if this

video helped you you can really help me

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you for watching everyone this is david

a cox with tech talk america class