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hey guys and welcome back to my channel

see piano crafts for those of you that

are new here welcome my name is windy

and today I am going to be talking about

jump drilling and what drunk journaling

is I know a few of you have requested

not request it but have expressed

interest in what junk journaling is and

have made a few comments in my past

videos usually on my hauls I'll be

talking about something oh this would be

good to use in junk journaling and and a

few people have mentioned you know what

is junk journaling I've never heard of

that or I just learned about junk

journaling I would love to see a video

so this video is for you and so like I

said today I'm going to be talking about

what junk journaling is and my I guess

perception or definition of it I know

everybody has their own opinions on what

junk journaling is and so I'm just going

to be sharing with you a few of my junk

turn of my personal junk journals and

then talking a little bit about what it

is so jump journaling in my opinion and

again I'm just going to reintegrate that

in my opinion a jump journaling in a

nutshell is a form of scrapbooking it's

a way to store all of your memories to

journal about them to put memorabilia in

one place and drunk journals are

handmade so this is a one that I have

made of myself this one I think was the

second junk journal that I've ever made

and it is hand bound and it is the made

up of what is called signatures and a

signature is basically a group of papers

or envelopes or whatever and it is

folded in half and then bound in and

signatures so as you can see this junk

journal has three signatures so one two

and three

and like I said basically a junk

journaling is a way to store your

ephemera and if you're not familiar with

what a ephemeral is by definition it is

a how do I say this it's things that

were only meant to be used or enjoyed

for a short amount of time I think

that's actual dictionary definition I

can't believe I remember that so things

like ticket stubs park maps postcards

things like that are all examples of

ephemera and I have always saved those

things whenever we go to a theme park or

a movie theater I've always saved those

things and kind of just kept them in a

box and when I found out about junk

journaling I was like oh my gosh what a

perfect way to save all of those things

and it also doubles up as kind of like a

diary I can journal and write my

thoughts and about that day or that

memory or that experience in my junk

journal and I can also do art collages

whatever I want to do in my junk journal

which is what makes it so unique and not

just cater to one specific thing if that

makes sense so I'm just gonna quickly

show you guys my part one of my personal

junk journals and what kinds of things I

have in there and I've done a kind of

flip through it was one of my very first

videos I don't think it got a lot of

views on it but I did kind of like a

little flip through but here is a few

pages so I just have some memory keeping

and pictures in here and like little

journal cards I can write on and a lot

of you asked what I do book pages I

actually use them into my junk journals

so you can see right here and there are

so many cool ways you can do a page

and I see a lot of people doing like

sewn pages and I actually don't know how

to sew so I hand sewed these like little

pockets in here I'm not doing a very

good job of showing you guys but drunk


I think the origin of junk journaling or

the first junk journals I'm gonna say

junk journals in this video quite a bit

so get ready

it was first made to only be made out of

junk so paper bags things that like

magazines newspapers wrappers things

like that all the pages were made out of

junk and it has kind of changed over

time like most things in our world and

now it's become where you not only use

those types of junk in your journal but

you can also use scrapbooking paper just

regular writing paper I see a lot of

coffee dyed papers like this I coffee

dyes this paper and to make it look old

or or worn like vintage and I still use

envelopes like from junk mail so this is

like a really pretty

junk mail envelope I got I think it was

for a credit card and I just used it and

my junk journal as a like little pocket

to put a photo in and so when I when I'm

saying about like old like the first

junk journals they were typically just

made out of stuff like this so just

envelopes and in bags and like brown

paper bags and newspapers and things

like that

wrappers but as you can see here in this

junk journal I have not only those

things but I also have scrapbooking


and other papers and maps things like

that that I've used so this is just an

example of a I guess mixed-media

junk journals what you would call it I

guess all junk turn also really

mixed-media but yeah because you're

using different things so a lot of times

people when they use drunk journals they

may come for a specific specific reason

so like like this one for example I used

during Christmas and I made like little

tassels and decorated it and everything

now is doing them like at December daily

and I didn't really finish it so I'm

just going to use this one specifically

for Christmas memories so like right

here I have a card which is also like a

piece of ephemera because I got this

from a family member and then I just

have pictures and um like again I use

envelopes to store things or store

pictures and again some more ephemera I

have a ticket stub from The Polar

Express and picture so it is like

scrapbooking essentially and journaling

because I write a bit I don't write too

much in my junk journals because I'm

short on time but I use mine mostly like

scrapbooking and then so there you can

make a junk journal specifically for a

season like spring summer winter fall or

a holiday like Christmas like I have

that one or like I have made this is the

first junk journal I ever made and it's

kind of you can kind of tell but this

one I made for my son and it is just a

scrapbook for his memories for his baby

pictures for his Ted no but for all of

his things so this one was also three

signatures and you could tell I was just

learning because these signatures aren't

exactly lined up correct

but I love it I actually bet used a and

old it was called a linen book from I

think the 50s or 60s and I used it as

the cover and in the pages of his book

so I again I have some coffee dye paper

right here and then I have some of those

book pages in there and it just gives it

like this old you know vintage feel and

I can scrapbook and memory Keith and I

have like some little notes that he left

me that I wanted to save and things like

that so those are some examples of junk

journals that the three that I have

right here in front of me I have a few

more that I've made and this is not

really considered a drunk Journal this

is considered like a traveler's notebook

so say you know you don't have kids or

your time of you know raising kids is

done or do you like to travel with kids

you know you could do a traveler's

notebook like this and usually

traveler's notebooks are specific size

and I'm trying to remember what they are

but they're specific size because they

fit inside a traveler's notebook so a

traveler's notebook has like an outer

cover that you can just slip in the

paint these pages or the signature into

this is just one a single signature that

is bound and I did this one for a trip

we went on to Friday Harbor and again I

have like little like a little cookie

bag that we got on the trip and just

some memory keeping some spots to

journal and some maps so I save all

kinds of ephemera like that for my

Journal's a traveler's notebook is

awesome for that if you like to keep

those things like ticket stubs and you

are looking for a place to put them a

traveler's notebook it's not really

considered a junk journal but I consider

it a junk journal just because it kind

of serves the same purpose

I think journal as well as memory keep

and then I also forgot to share that

junk journaling can also be used as an

art journal so like I said typically

people make junk journals for a certain

thing some people just like to memory

keep and put memorabilia and ephemera in

there and some people like to journal or

do both journaling and memory keeping

and then some people like to use junk

journal specifically at like an art

journal I like to use my junk journals

for all three of those things

I don't really limit myself to that and

so an example of like my art journaling

is like this page that I did I water

colored some plant it and then cut them

out and then glued them on this paper

and hard to make it look like a galaxy

with some paint and I think I have

another art page in here it's all stuck

together so like right here I have like

a tea bag right there I think this is a

coffee that I did yeah and just just

play around with it and drunk journals

can be anything you want it to be and

that's what's amazing about it and I

actually didn't I just started drunk

journaling about two years ago and the

cool thing about this is I was watching

a video on YouTube I learned about junk

journaling from YouTube which is one of

the reasons why I love YouTube is

because you can discover so many things

and I don't remember his channel I was

watching but I clicked on one of the

video like suggested videos after and I

kind of went down the rabbit hole that

is YouTube and I like just it's like

discovered this whole new world and I

was like oh my gosh this is amazing and

I want to do that and I want to learn

everything about it and so I will link a

couple of my favorite channels down

below if you're interested these women

have I think been doing it for quite a

while and they have some pretty in-depth

tutorials on like The Binding of process

and everything and until I get a video

up myself if you want to learn how to do

that and get started on your own journal

if you're interested I will go ahead and

link those channels down below and they

have tutorials and everything on there

so you can learn how to do that I do

plan I wouldn't say I plan on it I will

make a video showing the binding process

and maybe like a junk journaling

supplies like basic supplies video if

there is enough interest I will do that

just let me know down in the comment box

if that's something you want to see and

so yeah I hope that explains kind of

what drunk journaling is if you've been

curious about it I hope I did a good job

explaining it it's just kind of drunk

Charlene it's like one of those things

it's like what you make of it what what

is your idea of it and there's so many

different opinions on what drunk

journaling is and in all honesty it's

whatever you want it to be that makes

sense there are a few basic things like

you see in pretty much all junk journals

is that you know the signature portion

and a couple of other things but other

than that it's just whatever you want it

to be so anyways I hope you guys enjoyed

this video if you did please don't

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love to have

family and until my next video I hope

you guys have a wonderful day I