Junk Email Settings in Outlook 2016

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hello again and welcome back to our

course on Outlook 2016 in this section

we're going to look at email security

and junk mail now the first thing I need

to point out is that because there are

so many different third-party software

products that can help to deal with

these problems I'm not going to cover

any of those products in this section so

if you use one of the popular products

like Norton or McAfee or Kaspersky then

I'm not going to cover those in this

section what I'm gonna cover is the

facilities within outlook itself and the

facilities within outlook are very good

they can be extremely helpful and in

most cases they can work in cooperation

with third-party products as well so if

you are using or planning to use a

third-party products on your device you

should look at how to set that up to

work with outlook so I'm going to not

assume that there is any other product

work and in fact on the device I'm

recording this on there is a third-party

product as well but the aspects of

outlook that I'm going to tell you about

are not really affected by this

particular product so first of all I'm

gonna give you a brief description of

unwanted and dangerous emails the sort

of things they can do the sort of things

to watch out for then we're going to

look at the junk mail menu or just

called normally the junk menu we're

going to look at junk email folders and

finally we'll look at junk email options

in the next section we're going to look

at other aspects of email security so

what do we mean by unwanted or dangerous

emails these can take various forms in

their least harmful form we have emails

that would be classed as spam so these

are unwanted messages they're not gonna

do any harm they're not trying to cheat

you out of some money or something

they're basically normally

advertisements for service or products

that you just don't want and spam

messages can be really annoying

you might get a very large number of

them I certainly do but being able to

deal with those can save you a lot of

time many of the other unwanted messages

you get though can be dangerous and they

can be dangerous in a number of ways

some of them who you tempt you into some

kind of scheme where you lose money one

very popular type of message is one that

offers you a very large amount of money

and then later on in the process getting

your details you're told you have to

leave some sort of deposit a few hundred

dollars a few hundred pounds and of

course you never see that money again

but then you also have dangerous

messages which actually in some way

infect your computer system so these can

get viruses onto your computer system

and then still others what are called

phishing emails

that's phishing with a pH at the

beginning we tempt you to log in to a

website normally a fake website one

disguised as something else then once

you're logged in there you're tempted to

give away secure information such as

usernames and passwords for bank

accounts and so on so there are all

sorts of dangers associated with these

messages they operate in many ways and

unfortunately this is a problem which I

don't believe significantly is being

reduced we are getting better tools to

deal with it but there are still

thousands of people every week that lose

money lose secure information and so on

due to these kinds of emails so what you

need to be able to do is to protect

yourself from those but ultimately the

most important part of that protection

is being careful being watchful being

aware of the fact that the people that

are trying to trick you out of your

money or trick you to give them

information that they want are really

quite sophisticated in their methods I'm

gonna work here in my gmail account and

I've got three messages in the inbox now

when I look at each message in my inbox

I'm gonna need to decide whether it's

junk mail or not once I've got my junk

mail facilities set up then a large part

of this can become pretty much automatic

but how automatic it becomes

will depend on some choices I'm going to

talk to you about later in this section

now for instance a new email message

from sally has just arrived if I see an

email message and I suspect that it's

junk now I know that this isn't and I'm

not aiming to upset Sally here by

suggesting that it is but if I were to

receive a message like this and I

decided that it's a junk message I can

either right click and then one of the

options is junk or there is actually in

the delete group on the Home tab on the

ribbon there is the junk menu now on

that menu the main choices are these

first of all block the sender if I want

to not only treat this message as junk

but I want the person who sent it to me

for any subsequent message they send me

for it to be blocked then I choose that

option block sender now if I block

sender what will happen is that any

future messages from Sally will be

treated as junk and that's exactly what

I'm going to do now now note when I do


outlook gives me this helpful message

the sender has merely to your block

senders list and the messages been moved

to the junk folder I'm going to suppress

this particular outlook message because

I'm aware of that now where their email

message has finished up is in this spam

folder within my Gmail folders so first

click on spam there I'll see the message

from Sally let's go back to the Inbox

again whichever other messages come now

from Sally they will automatically be

routed into the spam folder

and in fact that was a new message so if

I click on spam again I'll see that I

just got another message from Sally but

that was automatically dealt with let me

go back to the inbox again as I work

through these various messages using the

junk menu there I also have an option to

say never block sender and in this case

I add the sender's email address to

what's called my safe senders list and

any emails I get from that person will

automatically be treated as safe and not

junk if when I get a message I decide

that it's safe but not only for this

user but for anybody in this users

domain I can say never block senders

domain what I should really be doing

here is saying that tobi are not com

which is the domain that deals with both

Steve's emails and Sally's emails is a

safe domain and I need to add that to my

safe senders so I'm going to do that now

that domains now added to my safe

senders however messages from sully will

still be blocked because the blocking of

a specific individual overrides a

general safe domain we'll deal with that

a little bit later on however if at any

time you have accidentally or out

lookers accidentally marked something as

junk when it isn't if you go to the

relevant junk mail folder then we take

one of those messages from Sally if I

right-click on it one of the options is

not junk and in that case the message

can be moved back into the inbox folder

now note the option there always trust

email from Sally that's probably what I

would normally do here but I'm not going

to because I want to explain the

relationship between the safe senders

and the block senders list so I'm just

going to treat this as a bit of a

one-off and move

one message back that one is now back

safely in the inbox again and there's

just one more option on the junk menu to

quickly look at and that's this one

never block this group or mailing list

if you receive messages as part of a

group or a mailing list then you're

basically going to say never block

something that is addressed to this

group or mailing lists this might be in

a situation for example where you're in

a contact group or on a distribution

list for email from somebody and other

people in the group may use that group

or mailing list to distribute emails and

responses if you basically want to make

sure that you're always involved in

those emails then that's a great way of

doing so just by saying never block this

group on mailing list all it all now

about some of the specific features

related to junk email folders in my

inbox at the moment I've got an email

from Steve recommending an Indianapolis

hotel and if I click on the link in the

email that takes me to the website for

that hotel

now sully also recommended this hotel

but because i'm still treating Sally's

emails as junk if I go to the spam

folder there the message from Sally

looks quite similar to the one from

Steve but if I click on the link again a

message to help protect your personal

information this message has been

converted to plaintext links and other

functionality have been disabled to

restore functionality move the message

to the inbox there are many things that

you cannot do - or with a message that

is being treated as junk so for instance

I couldn't reply - if I click on reply

get a similar message I can forward it

but it would be forwarded it as plain

text so you're really pretty restricted

in what you can do until you stop the

message from being treated as junk I've

shown you how to do that there's another

way of doing that and that

- literally click on the message and

move it so I could move it back to the

inbox for Gmail and when it's back in

the Inbox

then the links work ok I can reply to

the message and so on they're just a lot

of other things to mention about folders

here if I take this particular junk mail

folder if I right-click on it one of the

options is empty folder and particularly

if you're dealing with a lot of junk

mail and you're pretty sure that

everything in a junk mail folder is junk

that's a quick way of emptying it if you

want to delete a specific item in the

junk mail folder you delete it in the

normal way but if you press shift and

delete it will completely delete the

selected message or messages without

going via the deleted items folder so if

you've got a junk mail message that you

think really is dangerous and you want

it off your computer as soon as possible

shift and delete is the way to go what

I'd like to look at next are the junk

email options I'm still working in the

same account if I go back to that junk

menu again the final option there is

junk email options now the first thing

to note at the top of this dialog is

that it says junk email options Tobie

are not won at gmail.com you have a set

of options for each of your email

accounts so you can have them all set up

differently and notice I've already

pointed out here that although we talked

about things like the junk folder

depending on the particular type of

account you have it may be called

something else that may be called spam

as the Gmail one is this dialog has five

tabs and it's the first one the options

tab that takes quite a bit of explaining

you have effectively four levels of junk

email protection for this account I've

currently got selected no automatic

filtering mail from blocked senders is

still moved to the junk email folder but

no other automatic filtering is


now at the moment on my blocked senders

list which is the fourth tab I only have

Sally and of course I really want to

remove Sally from that list so that's

what I'm going to do now if I need to

add somebody I can either add them in

the way that I added Sally

by recognizing them in an email address

and blocking them or I can add a block

sender here add address or domain so

either a specific address or a domain

then we go back to the options again the

second setting is low move the most

obvious junk email to the junk email

folder now when I do that note that some

other options kick in further down

disable links and other functionality in

phishing messages warned me about

suspicious domain names in email

addresses now I've got both of those

checked and you saw the consequences of

disabling links a little while ago

the third option hi

most junk email is caught but some

regular email may be caught as well

check your junk email folder often you

need to get into a routine in this case

of making sure that in your junk email

folder you're not finding non junk email

the fourth option is the most extreme

option safe lists only only mail from

people or domains on your safe senders

list or safes recipients list will be

delivered to your inbox now in this case

safe senders are okay so in our case

that's just at Thome ardent calm and

safe recipients are okay if in fact in

this email account you're gathering

together emails to a number of different

addresses so emails some other email

addresses may be forwarded to this

account you may say that one or more of

those addresses is actually a safe

recipient so anything specifically to

that address is okay then you can add

them to the safe recipients list now

this fourth option this most safe option

of all you'd have to be in quite an

exceptional situation to use

so you would be able to say exactly who

was sending email so who the safe

senders were or exactly who the safe

recipients are so anything to the

specific recipients will be safe and

everything else is treated as junk but

if you are in that situation this is

pretty much a totally safe option now

whichever option you're going for and

I'm still going for the lowest level on

this account you have this checkbox

permanently delete suspected junk email

instead of moving it to the junk email

folder so if you get to the situation

that you're totally confident that

anything identified as junk mail you

really don't want you can have it

permanently deleted instead of just

going to the junk email folder so there

the junk email options and the fifth tab

is also just worth note if there are

top-level domains maybe a country where

you do not want anything from that

country from that TLD as it's called it

might be a country it might be some

other top-level domain then you can

block it there and you also can block

emails with certain types of encodings

not going to go into that now but if you

know what that's about that's how you

block specific encodings so there we are

you need to make sure that you get your

level of junk mail protection set

correctly generally speaking people tend

to start off with the lowest level until

they've been using email for a while and

then maybe work out whether they can

step it up to one of the higher levels

I'm gonna look at some other aspects of

email security in the next section but

that's the end of this one hey everyone

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