How to Scrap a Car for Cash

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today I'm going to show you how you can

part out your scrap car to get some

extra cash now before you part out

you're running and driving car chop the

top off and have a little bit of fun

like me and drive around in a

convertible just to enjoy before you

scrap it now when scrapping a car some

of the more valuable parts include the

wheels and tires maybe the battery the

catalytic converter and the pending on

the make or model sometimes the engine

or transmission then of course there's

other parts including the body panels

lights starters and alternators that

could make good use parts for other

vehicles now this es 300 happens to have

a new alternator and battery with the

warranty radiator and a new exhaust so

those are definitely worth saving but I

also want to turn this v6 engine into a

coffee table so today I'm also going to

be dropping down the engine and

transmission assembly now safety first

we're gonna remove the battery terminal

and drain all the fluids note to begin

disassembly of this car gonna remove the

battery and air box assembly so the

battery air box out of the way just

gotta remove a bunch of these electrical

wires vacuum hoses and these coolant

hoses for the heater cool so we've got

everything cleared off on this side of

the engine I also have to disconnect the

steering necks we're gonna work on the

front end when I remove the radiator and

the fan to get a little bit more room to

work here no over on this side of the

engine I got a disconnected two AC lines

the alternator as well as the power

steering line that goes down to the pump

we've got the left side the front side

and your right side of the engine all

disconnected from the body we're gonna

add then head inside to disconnect the

wires from the ECU now this here is the

wire that comes from the engine through

the firewall and it connects up into the

ECU located over here and then now from

inside the engine bay I can wiggle that

wiring harness free I move this little

engine mount now with the engine bay

cleared out I'm next gonna start

disassembling the suspension down below

now under here I'm going to remove the

strut and the stabilized link to give me

enough room to drop the subframe down I

knew I couldn't get through any video

without any special equipment

now if the calipers are good they could

also bring back a couple of bucks we've

got the engine bay and the suspension

cleared out of the way we're next gonna

head underneath the vehicle to get rid

of the exhaust

I dropped a sub for the catalytic

converters of one of the most available

parts on scrap vehicles you have one on

bank one here and one on the second bank

over here the one of the rear was

removed by a shop who didn't understand

with a new catback exhaust system and

and after a bunch of broken souvenirs I

can reach him so with everything cleared

the subframe engine and transmission I

just have to remove 14 millimeter bolt

and a 19 millimeter bolt on each corner

and then I can drop the subframe down so

this here's my setup I got two jacks on

either side with the dolly it I'm gonna

drop the subframe and there we have it

the engine and has been dropped

out and with the car jacked up the

highest I can I have just enough

clearance to pull this engine out of the

passenger side fender and with that I

got the engine and transmission and

removed from the car and I'm gonna keep

that for a future video let's get on

with parting out the rest of this car

sometimes these ABS modules are worth a

lot of money so I'm just gonna remove it

I'm just gonna remove the front manifold

here because it contains a catalytic

converter if you take your time to

remove the engine wiring harness without

damaging it this is definitely worth

something no warrant starts aren't

really worth that much so I'm just gonna

put that back with the vehicle stripping

the body we're gonna want to focus on

things that are quick and easy to remove

and easy to sell such as headlights and

tail light however a bigger part such as

doors fenders and the hood are best left

to be sold locally because you don't

really want to ship them online in my

area there aren't too many of these es

300 okely so I'm going to leave mine

with the car headlights or a quick easy

sell everyone needs those you just need

a little bit of polishing and they'll be

good to go somebody headlight connectors

are good to save case the ones in your

car is burnout remove all the taillights

I think it looks pretty classy without

the taillights don't forget to save all

the fuses and relays from this box make

sure you drain out all the washer fluid

and save it for your car underneath here

I'm going to take off the exhaust pipe

and the rear muffler because these were

recently replaced

now inside the vehicle we're gonna be

pulling off both side view mirrors

because a lot of people Nick those and

need new ones we're also gonna pull off

the airbag because that's worth

something or you could just have a

little fun and blow it up the driver

side seat is also a very high wear item

as well as the stereo and instrument

cluster switches for the power windows

as well as the regulator's himself are

also a high wear item the sound system

was pretty good in this car so I'm gonna

save all the speakers and subwoofers

depending on the vehicle sometimes the

wiper switch and the Turton signal

switch could be used in other vehicles

now if I'm under the dash we're going to

be taking a CD changer the amplifier as

well as the ECU make sure you keep the

master key because they're paired with

the ECU

now typically driver seats that are in

good condition will have some demand

because he's always wear out this one's

in pretty rough shape so I'm gonna be

cutting this one up to show you how it


stay tuned and look at that all in a

day's worth of work we pulled so many

valuable parts from this car including

the lights the wheels and of course the

engine and transmission itself and

that's pretty much all the components

removed from the interior and exterior

that's both easy to remove and you know

will sell you obviously have to do a lot

of research here to figure out if it's

worthwhile removing some of these

components now the next thing you do is

list all the parts you taken off online

but you're also going to want to list

the car itself online for parts that way

if anybody wants any odds and ends such

as interior pieces or exterior body

panels locally you can profit off of

that before you scrap the whole vehicle

you're gonna need at least two scrapped

wheels in the back so the tow truck can

pick it up from the front and haul it

away and that's pretty much how you can

have a little bit of fun with your scrap

car by turning its parts into cash now

if you need any parts for this vehicle

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