One Way to Dispose of a Fibreglass Boat

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it's time for this fiberglass boat to go

to the dump unfortunately where we live

you can't just drive the boat to the

dump and offload it so we will cut it up

into manageable pieces using only a

chainsaw if you have never used a

chainsaw before then don't learn on a

boat if you have experience with a

chainsaw and want to attempt this then

be sure to wear safety glasses and a

face shield you don't want little pieces

of fiberglass or metal and better than

your face or ice


you will find the chainsaw cuts through

the fiberglass easily cut the fiberglass

around the base of the windshield resist

the temptation to remove the windshield

by loosening the mounting hardware

because that will take far longer there

will likely be wooden reinforcements

under the fiberglass of the base of the

windshield you may want to cut the

fiberglass first and then come back to

cut the wood because at that point it

will be visible through the chainsaw


when you cut out the - you will likely

encounter metal trim cut the fiberglass

close to the trim without touching the

chain to any metal you should be able to

easily break out any remaining

fiberglass and the trim next to the cuts

by hand


your boat should now look like an open

shell with the exception of the transom

at the stern

your boat likely has perimeter trim

running along the outside of the hall

near the top it is easiest to cut this

from the inside because of the way the

sides of the boat flower Edwards the

trim will generally be situated on a

chime use this chime as a guide to avoid

hitting the trim lets you cut the

perimeter trim off the boat make the

leaf cuts in the fiberglass to allow you

to bend it into more manageable pieces

the transom is a solid part of the boat

at the stern that the motor is attached

to in our case the back of the boat was

a solid piece of wood about two inches

thick as you cut through this be aware

of metal grommets and hoses or steel

linkages that are required for the motor

your boat should now look something like


now we need to cut the hall into strips

the strips are most easily cut with the

boat upside down but in order to prevent

further damage to an already doll chain

we will cut 6-inch relief cuts in the

top of the hall in line with where we

want to cut the strip's this will allow

us to cut the hull all the way through

without having to touch the ground with

the chain

before we get started cutting the hall

on the strips let me show you what the

cross-section of the boat looks like as

you can see the cut has to be relatively

deep and you will be cutting through

various layers and materials now that

the boat is upside down you can cut

through the floor and be confident that

you have lots of room between the bottom

of the cut and the ground

you notice that we begin to cut standing

on top of the boat turns out the boat is

very slippery and it is far smarter and

in the end probably faster to do the

cutting from the ground you don't want

to slip and land on a moving chain

start the finish it only took about an

hour and I have to cut this boat into

pieces and the chain on the saw was dull

but not damaged