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okay so I wanted to make this video

because when I was thinking about buying

a car from Copart probably the biggest

worry I had wasn't fixing the car it was

getting the title from a salvage title

to a rebuilt title after I fixed it and

there's a lot a ton of steps that night

so I'm going to go over two different

ways to do this I guess not two

different ways I live in Ohio and this

car I bought a coke part in Pennsylvania

so this would be the process for any car

with the title outside of Ohio no matter

where you buy the car if you got a title

that is not know how to tackle this

would be the process and I'll go over

the process if you have a Ohio salvage

title also that's a little bit different

there's a lot less steps to bring a

salvage car from Pennsylvania Michigan

Indiana any any states surrounding Ohio

or if you buy it anywhere else and

intend on changing it from anywhere else

title to a high of salvage title to a

Ohio rebuilt title this is going to be

the process this first one we'll go over

if you have an Ohio Ohio salvage title

already and you're trying to get it to a

reco status so the first step and I

didn't know this was the first step so I

didn't do it until after I already had

it fixed but if I were to do this again

the first step when I went and got it on

the trailer at Copart I would have taken

it straight to the BMV and had this done

you have to have a VIN number

verification so your first step is to

have has been verified at either a DMV

or a car dealer it's simple they I went

to the DMV they end up walking out

verifying the VIN number filling out

filling out sheet giving it to you and

then I take that then you're able to

take that to court house so that's five

bucks not very expensive then you're

going to go to the courthouse and

whenever I bought the car part that in

charge may state tax because I was

switching it to an Ohio title so I

didn't pay any tax a CO part but after

you get the VIN verification you go to

the courthouse you switch the title from

a P a salvage title to an Ohio selfish

table at that point you paid the taxes

on the vehicle so this was $3,100 is

what I won the auction for and that is

the that that's what I paid the taxes on

not all the extra fees from Copart just

the 3100 that I want it for so that

total to get to get a switch from a P a

salvage title to an Ohio South title

would taxes cost me two hundred and

thirty dollars after that I had to go

back to the BMV

and so step three is go back to the VMB

and you have to pay $50 for a ohio

Salvage inspection so that that will

that will let you that will get you set

up to take it to state police to have it

inspected so step four is go online at

the website that it'll give you on the

salvage inspection receipt and schedule

and complete the salvage inspection with

the closest state police there's I think

there's like seven or eight of them in

the state of Ohio I had to drive about

an hour and ten minutes to pass Warren

Ohio which is like I said power

intemperance for me was super simple I

kept the receipts

stuff off of ebay had I known but I know

about the stuff like meeting receipts I

would have asked the seller to send a

specific receipt to me which they didn't

in all these cases but I printed out my

my receipts from PayPal that says they

don't accept it but I had other

aftermarket parts also that I bought

from the place called LQK and I had all

those receipts

I had a nine o'clock appointment I got

thirty eight forty five and they brought

me in at nine fifty eight fifty I was

out at 9:05 super simple process cups

real nice answered a couple other

questions I had done in about ten

minutes I had all my oh my you know all

my receipts and everything no so that

may be why it was it went fast after

that he signed my salvage inspection of

receipt and then I had to go back to the

courthouse again and at the courthouse

they switched my Ohio salvage title to

an Ohio rebuilt title that was sixteen

dollars for the paperwork forth for them

to do the title again after that was

completed I have to go had to go back to

the BMV

again and pay for the plates and the

registration for a car fifty three

dollars it's what you'd paid for any

vehicle so total for that to take it

from a PA salvage title to an Ohio

reconstructed title with all the stops

was three hundred and fifty four dollars

now that would differ for you you pay

more or less for the car because you

have to pay taxes also on it so it'll

it'll differ but what's gonna stay the

same as the Ohio event verification

Ohio salvage inspection in the

courthouse fees and pretty much the

plates and registrations five fifty



1:53 so about a hundred hundred hundred

twenty dollars you can figure without

taxes so I'll go through the steps real

quick again VIN verification first step

BMV courthouse title' title p8o i BMV

again for that salvage inspection step

four is going to be the schedule and

complete the the inspection at the state

police back to the courthouse step five

step six

BMV the place of registration and you're

good now let's say you have you know how

to salvage table already you wrecked

your car bought it back off the

insurance company where you bought it at

a ohio Copart at that point of view

already of the ohio Salvage inspection

or not at that point you already have

the Ohio salvage title you already own

it so you don't have to pay you don't

have to pay the taxes again so you don't

have so here's the steps if you already

have to go higher self so it's you go to

the BMR step one is going to be going to

the BMV for the salvage inspection

receipt it's $50 step two is scheduled

and complete the state inspection with

the State Police

step three be back to the courthouse to

change your ohio salvage title to a

reconstructed $16 and then to the BMV

support plates and registration so one

hundred and sixteen dollars that's

assuming taxes were already paid for the

people and you already have it in your

name if you do not have it if you just

have an ohio salvage title and someone

else's name and you have to switch it to

yours then the process would be the same

other than you don't have to have a

verification if it's not and how state

vehicle so like I said this was one of

the things that I was the most worried

about is is the process of doing this

it's real simple it's not real simple it

is a a lot of running back and forth and

just complying with all these little

steps that the state has put in place

once that's done it was a lot of running

and I got it done I'm good to go now I

have the Ohio our title for this my next

video is going to talk about everything

that went into this car to make it from

a salvage title to a rebuilt title cost

lives all the parts that put in it so

look for that video if you're interested

in you know us interested in in the cost

of cost of this maybe you're thinking

about getting into it I have real-world

costs on what it took to fix this so

thank you for watching I hope this video

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all of that helps me and I appreciate it

thanks for watching