How To Get Rid of Junk Cars | Sell To Pick-n-Pull

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you guys would not believe what I got in

the mail today from my homeowner

associations they want to find me for my

operable car which is parked outside in

my driveway my own driveway

I'm ready pay you guys three hundred

year and you guys want to find me the

Asian phenom gotta be crazy let me show

you this leather


so a lot of basically states that I have

until the end of the month which is

August 31st to remove the vehicle or

otherwise Spacely hi

now the car is a 2003 Mitsubishi

diamante Evo X sedan it was top of the

line back then costing me about doing

something grand acquittal me it died on

me at one hundred and one thousand miles

the transmission does totally blue is

this one move basic staying neutral

whether I be stepping on the gas on to

make it go random basically useless so

it's been sitting out my drive of a

couple years um I went to a local

transmission shop and it quoted me about

3700 to fix it and I went to another one

just to be safe they call me 3200 so

roughly about 3 3,000 3,500 to of to fix

the transmission and it's not guaranteed

that you will work again I took percent

and I also got a quote from Ford

dealership and also a village

transmission place they both called it

roughly about six thousand five hundred

six thousand eight hundred for a total

Mitsubishi replacement transmission so

now let me show you the car parked

outside where here's the cooler it's

pretty much messy tires are pretty much

flat and subsea here about three years

it's not bad cover

what were you doing there Kyra okay we

usually always hang out in the backseat

before I replace the color

all right so the whole purpose of this

video is to say you got us a headache of

going through the hassle of we're

deciding what you do with your car we're

not going to talk about if your car is

drivable because we're solely basing it

on an operable car that doesn't drive

whether it be a broken engine broken

transmission so you have a couple of

options I actually never lead down to

either seller to a so salvage yard to a

donation company or to a pick and pool

that's something I learned recently it's

basically like a salvage yard but is has

where you can enter it in the yard and

where you can pick the parts that you

want to buy I think a salvage yard

there's more of rules to that ground

rules in case of injury you try to

prevent that so I basically called eight

salvage yards one company was charged

gonna charge me to come out here to tow

my car a couple or offering like $40 per

ton scrap yard and one was even offering

me like $80 for my car one was offering

me a hundred and I call to donation

companies goodwill and also cars for

kids now the goodwill is basically like

a tax deduction that's very simple you

know it's just like similar to how you

donate clothes and other items your

riders office tax now for cars for kids

supposedly they're you know charity

where they obtain a car from you and

donate to a kid making you enjoyable

condition and supposedly they offer like

a free trip like a three nights and four

people to various locations but that

seems like a scam I believe like they

want to you should go to like a time

shirt a conference or something like

that so I totally skip main reason why I

do want to go with a donation company is

that even though they give you quote you

a tax deduction it's not absolutely

straight straight the amount where you

could let's say if you only like final

minute axes that covers that no it

doesn't work like that

basically it's 500 options from your

gross income so I think in my case


tax bracket and tax situations it will

probably amount to almost nothing so

that's the reason many reason I can go

dad I prefer hard cash upfront you know

actually they'll give me a check but

that's kind of hard cash plus also do

come tax day you're gonna have to spend

extra maybe 10 or 20 minutes filling out

I delight in tax or filling that

information now I totally want to just

bypass now fortunately today I decided

to call the picking pool that was my

last option my friend recommended that

so thanks a lot to uh Keith otherwise

Louis foglight on YouTube channel he

recommended me called a picking pool so

I actually did it came to me

with $110 off a price after I gave them

my VIN number and my license plate and

the details of the car and fortunately I

asked him is the price of negotiable

they said yes so he came with at them

with $150 we said Oh 400 right so you

decide go with the pick and pull option

the steps are very simple all you need

are your car keys your car title your

driver's license and a four-hour window

on a scheduled date typically within 48

hours because the quote is good for 24

hours so they would come and tow away

the vehicle it's as simple as that but

they're gonna come and pick it up this

Thursday so we'll see how that goes very

reduce a tow truck

all right just got $135 check you've

already rate the Mitsubishi diamante or

give it the same great around Tomatoes

gave Suicide Squad we're just 26% so you

never miss Abby she